Available on:
- iOS
- Android
​- HTML5

​An Info (3-Tier) tab can be thought of as a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. The "what you see is what you get" editor, which allows you to customize the description, is a great way to display information about your business. Info tabs are widely used to embed content, like a single YouTube video.

The 3-Tier tab is categorized into three tiers, with the 3rd tab being most specific.

For example: BROADEST CATEGORY (Tier 1) → SUB-CATEGORIES (Tier 2) → ITEM DETAILS (Tier 3)

Note: The Menu tab is essentially identical to the Info Tab (3-Tier), but instead of the option to include thumbnail images in the item list view, you can specify a price for each item.


1. In Step 1 (Functionality), click Add New Tab.

2. Create a Tab Title, select Info Tab from the Tab Function drop-down, and choose an icon or upload your own. Save your changes. (You can change all this information later.)

3. Go to Step 2 (Content) and click on your new tab.

4. Click Add New Category to start. Input your content, and click Save Changes when you're done.

  • Section: Input the name for your broadest category (Ex: "Products" or "Services")
  • Name: Input the name for the sub-category (Ex: "Home Cleaning" or "Cleaning Supplies")
  • Check the Active box to enable your time. If the box is unchecked, this item won't appear in the app.
  • Thumbnail: Upload a custom thumbnail (140x140px).

5. Continue adding categories until you're satisfied. For each new sub-category (Ex: "Office Cleaning" and "Maintenance Supplies"), be sure to input the applicable Section title in order to group them correctly.

6. Once you're done adding your categories, click Add Items next to one of them. From the Item List window, click Add New Item.

  • This Page's Colors: Your Background & Text color for the description window will pull directly from the Global Style section of your app. Go to Step 3 (Appearance) > Appearance > Global Style > Features and adjust your Feature Text & Background Color there.​


7. Complete the General Information section. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom when you're done.

  • Upload your Mobile Header Image (640x264px) & Tablet Header Image (1536x634px) by clicking Browse to search for photos. You'll be prompted to crop it after you click Save Changes.
  • Section: Here you can designate what your Tier 2 category will be. For example, "Mops" will appear as the category title, and "Heavy-Duty" (the Name) will appear as an item below it. As you add additional items, you can specify the same Section title to house them beneath this category, or use new Section titles to create additional Tier 2 categories. (Ex: "Mops > Household" and "Cleaning Sprays > Grease Removal")
  • Name: This is the title of the actual item you're adding (Ex: "Heavy-Duty" and "Household"). It will appear in the Tier 2 menu alongside the thumbnail image.
  • Check the Active box to enable your time. If the box is unchecked, this item won't appear in the app.
  • Fill out the Description for the item, using the WYSIWYG editor for customization. See below for more details on how the editor works.
  • Thumbnail: Upload a custom thumbnail (140x140px).

8. You can manage comments left by users under the Comments section. Just click Delete to remove a comment from the app, and Save Changes to update.

9. Continue adding items until you’re satisfied. Remember, you can always disable or delete an item later. As you add more items, you can view the Section & Name from the Item List view.


You can achieve a lot with this editing panel. Most of the options are pretty straightforward, and mirrored those offered by programs like Word. You can hover over an option for a hint at what it does, but the best way to learn is by diving in.

  • Customize text: bold, italics, underline, strikethrough
  • Align content: left, center, right, justified
  • Format text: paragraph, address, heading
  • Set font size
  • Set direction of text: left to right, right to left
  • Copy/paste
  • Add bullets or numbered lists
  • Indent
  • Add blockquotes
  • Hyperlink text or photos
  • Anchor text
  • Insert photos
  • Clean up code
  • Add HTML


Check out some live examples below!

Users can swipe downward to view an enlarged header photo:

Leaving comments within an Info tab: